Thibault Roland Fine Art Photography

Originally from France, I learned film photography as a teen and became serious about it in 2009, as I was finishing a PhD in Physics. My background in optics and the rigorous scientific approach that I learned along the years have allowed me to experiment and carefully build my portfolio of techniques with the goal to create images that are both unique and poetic.

I am a professional Fine Art photographer and educator specializing in Black and White photography, with a preference for landscapes, seascapes and architecture. I am very proud to be supported by some of the leading companies in the photo industry, and I am particularly lucky to be one of the Sony Artisans of Imagery!

I love teaching techniques such as long exposure, infrared and tilt/shift photography, be it during the lectures that I give at photography stores and clubs, or during the meticulously researched workshops that I lead.

Today, I live in Portland (Oregon) with my amazing wife, Clara, and our mischievous puppy, Skye.

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