Bio / Artist Statement

Born in France in 1981, Thibault Roland is a black and white fine art photographer.

He grew up with a love of science, eventually obtaining his PhD in Physics in 2009. His scientific research brought him to work in the United States at both Cornell and Harvard Universities where he investigated the mechanics of DNA.

A large portion of Thibault’s studies and subsequent work as a scientist focused on optics and microscopy. His art has always been tied to his scientific background. At the beginning of his photographic journey, he started much like the entomologist and botanist by capturing the vibrant colors of macrophotography.

Very soon he started integrating scientific notions in his imagery, such as the Theory of General Relativity, which predicts that time and distance are relative and depend on the location and point of view. It is why he has a special affinity for long exposure, which allows for the contraction or dilatation of time and moving objects. Another example of him marrying science and photography shows in his use of the tilt/shift technique. By introducing blur in a highly controlled way and keeping only his main subject sharp, he recreates the Heisenberg’s principle that predicts that location and speed cannot both be known precisely. Thibault is also a machinist and experimentalist who loves to tinker with equipment, modify and create cameras in order to obtain unique looks.

Untitled photo

Using his scientific and highly technical background as a source for his inspiration and vision, he now creates very graphical work that relies on rigorous attention to the details, from the elaboration of the images all the way to the delivery of his archival limited-edition prints.

For the last few years, his work has been supported by Sony through their Artisans of Imagery Program. Thibault also teaches his craft for local photography groups as well as stores such as B&H, and leads workshops in the United States and France.

His fine art photographs have been shown, published and awarded internationally and are included in public and private collections such as at the Boston Athenaeum. He has been published internationally by Lenswork (USA), Chasseur d'Images (Fr), Landscape Photography Magazine (UK), Adore Noir Magazine (US), The Municipal Art Society of New York (US)...

Currently, Thibault lives in Portland, OR.

Selected Exhibits

2022-2020 Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT, USA

2021-2013 Hôtel de Vogüe, Dijon, France

2019 Blue Line Arts Gallery, Roseville CA, USA

2019 Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn NYC, USA

2017 Boston Athenaeum, Boston, USA

2016 The Darkroom, Longmont CO, USA

2016 Sony Headquarters, New York City NY, USA

2016 Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins CO, USA

2016-2015 Kusch Gallery, Paris, France

2015 New England School of Photography Garner Center, Boston, USA

2015 BJF Gallery, Paris, France

2015 Panopticon Gallery, Boston MA, USA

2015-2014 Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA

2014 PhotoHausGallery, Vancouver BC, Canada

2012-2011 Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA 2012 City Hall, Dijon, France

2012-2011 State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca NY, USA

2011 Galerie Le Fief, Nuits-Saint-George, France

2009 Pavillon de l'Orangerie, Parc de le Tête d'Or, Lyon, FRANCE

2008 Asiexpo Festival, Pierre-Bénite, FRANCE, 2008


2014-2023 Sony Artisan of Imagery

2019-2023 X-rite Coloratti Ambassador

2020-2023 Handpicked by the Duncan Miller Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) for their CollectorWorks Project (

2023 Nominated Hot 100 of 2022 by the Duncan Miller Gallery and

2022 BenQ monitors Ambassador

2022 Lecturer with B&H

2022 Nominated Hot 100 of 2021 by the Duncan Miller Gallery and

2018-2019 Manfrotto Ambassador

2017 Sony World Photography Awards – Still Life - shortlisted

2016 Silver Awards at Epson International Pano Awards

2016 International Photography Awards - 3rd Place - Self Promotion

2016 Prix de la Photographie Paris - 3rd Place - Fine Art

2016 Prix de la Photographie Paris - 3rd Place - Abstract

2015 Gold and Bronze Awards at Epson International Pano Awards

2015 International Photography Awards – 2nd Place - Panorama

2014 Prix de la Photographie Paris - 3rd Place – Nature/Water

2013 Prix de la Photographie Paris - 2rd Place – Nature/landscape

2012 International Photography Awards – 1st Place – Architecture/Buildings

2011 Best Fine Art Photography Award


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