1. 1. Classical Mythology. A river in Hades over which Charon ferried the souls of the dead.
  2. 2. The infernal regions; hell; Hades.

      Time and water are two fascinating notions.These images reflect on how both can be "manipulated" and apparently "tamed" by using a time scale and exposure length that are intrinsically different from what we are used to in our every day life.

      Using long exposure photography is a way to transform entirely a scene, and show how time and the elements can be misleading and appear calm and peaceful on the long term, when they actually are devastating and menacing on our short time scale.

      This series shows docks that are at the beginning or the end of their life, that are subject to time and to the elements, therefore in a transient state that will inevitably lead to their destruction.

      Time conquers all and everything.What is considered eternal in our lives is actually ever evolving and anything but eternal.This is an ode to enjoying the moment and savoring who we are and who we are with , before we need to cross the mythical Acheron river and step into another world, another reality and the end of our days.

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