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Join us for an immersive one-day photography workshop and adventure on infrared at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. I will guide you through several miles of hiking to capture stunning waterfalls, while learning the art of infrared and long exposure photography.

This workshop is designed to take your photography skills to the next level and provide you with new creative insights. You'll gain hands-on experience with infrared photography, a powerful and unique technique that captures the world in a new light, literally, and you will get introduced to long exposures, in order to capture the ethereal beauty of Silver Falls.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, this workshop is sure to inspire and challenge you. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your photography skills while exploring the breathtaking beauty of Silver Falls State Park.

Overview of the program

Go on an adventure to discover gorgeous waterfalls

and learn infrared photography from a Master of the technique:

Sony Artisan of Imagery Thibault Roland.


The breathtaking Silver Falls State Park in Oregon, USA.


Learn infrared photography.

Focused on capturing unique looking images in the field.


Please use contact form to discuss dates.

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• Preparation material and conversations prior to the workshop

Guiding to gorgeous waterfalls during the the workshop

• Photography expertise, mentoring and teachings from a Master of the technique

Not included

• Lodging, food and beverages during the workshop

• Transportation to/from and during the workshop

  • Specter Division.
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  • Wraith.


  • Forest of One.
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  • Inner Light.

Description of the location

Silver Falls is one of the most beautiful State Parks in Oregon. With its ten waterfalls it makes for one of the most interesting hikes too.

The trails are rated easy to moderate by and the basic program will make us walk for 5 to 8 miles on dirt trails mostly.

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More details

Minimum Skills

 • Basics of using a digital or film camera, including shooting in manual focus, manual aperture and use of Bulb mode.

• Basic knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity.

• Basic knowledge of depth of field & field of view.



• an IR filter or an IR converted camera

• any interchangeable lens system (including APS-C) with a preference for digital or film SLR

• at least one wide angle lens (16-35mm Full Frame equivalent) and a mid-range lens (24-70mm zoom ideal)

• a sturdy tripod

• a shutter release that allows bulb shooting "hands free"; wired or remote


• a full-frame IR converted camera

• a 6 stops ND filters to create long exposure images of waterfalls.

Important notes

• Please be aware that this workshop requires hiking and therefore it is highly recommended to be reasonably fit and able to walk 3-8 miles with the group to reach the waterfalls. The program will be adjusted based on the group's interests and feedback

• It is highly recommended that participants to the workshop obtain liability and extra insurance for themselves, their equipment and to cover any third party that may be involved.

• Because of the weather conditions the workshop leader may need to rearrange the program to avoid running into dangerous situations

Documents will be sent to the participants prior to the event for them to return signed (terms and conditions of the workshop) and to help them prepare for the workshop (list of equipment needed especially for long exposure, minimum required skills etc.)


Workshop is supported by Sony.They may provide loaner cameras and lenses for the participants to use during the workshop, as requested beforehand and available. That being said, personal equipment is necessary for learning in the best conditions.

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