Maine Lighthouses - March 28-29, 2015

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Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse - The path. ©Thibault ROLAND

Headlight. ©Satoru MURATA

Co-instructor: Satoru MURATA

Dates: March 28-29 2015

Group Size: 10

Difficulty Level: Easy - Intermediate

What to expect

See and photograph the coasts of New England in a completely new way, with expert landscape photographers and international award winners Satoru MURATA and Thibault ROLAND, also member of the official Sony Artisans of Imagery Sponsoring Program, as well as Formatt-Hitech and SmugMug featured artist.

By attending this workshop, you will learn the process of long exposure photography, and how to achieve breathtaking effects and how to convert color images into beautiful and out of this world black and white images.

This workshop will focus on Portland and Rockland, Maine, two locations in the USA that are famous for seascape photography, and in particular for having several lighthouses in close proximity.

You will have the opportunity to ask theoretical or practical questions to Satoru and Thibault, learn the basics as well as the specifics of long exposure, and take pictures at two or three locations each day. On Sunday afternoon, you will also learn some of the post processing techniques that will make them unique and powerful.

Spring Point Ledge - The wall.

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse - The wall. ©Thibault ROLAND

Overview of the program

Note: a more detailed program will be sent to you after registration.

Overall shooting locations

Saturday March 28:

 Bug Light

 Portland Head Lighthouse

 Spring Point Lighthouse

Sunday March 29:

 Rockland Harbor Lights

 Marshall Point Lighthouse

 Post-processing techniques session

Day 1 Locations

Day 2 Locations

Portland Head. ©Thibault ROLAND

Minimum Skills

Basics of using a digital or film camera, including changing modes, shooting manual focus, manual aperture, manual shutter speed.

 Proficient with effect of changing aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity.

 Cursory understanding of concepts like depth of field, field of view, etc.

 Familiarity with using manual/bulb shooting mode

For those in need of a refresher, references of books and online classes will be provided after registration. Note that practical knowledge of these fundamental aspects is mandatory in order to appreciate the workshop to its fullest.

Required equipment

• any interchangeable lens system (including micro-4/3 and APS-C), with a preference for digital or film SLR

• at least one wide angle lens (24mm Full Frame equivalent or lower; as a zoom or prime)

• a sturdy tripod

• a remote that allows bulb shooting "hands free"

• at least one 10 stop Neutral Density filter, but preferably two extra ND filters, including a 3-stop and 6-stop. If you are missing any of these filters, we will send you a discount code after registration for Formatt-Hitech filters, together with a list of recommended models.

• warm clothes and solid hiking boots


Because the program is dense and in order to save some time for a maximum opportunity at each spot, we will grab lunch on the way from one location to the next for both Saturday and Sunday.

Transportation: we recommend you either come with your own car, rent one or carpool with other attendants. Please tell us if you are willing to carpool / drive with others at registration.

Lodging is available in both towns we will be shooting at as well as any other town in close proximity. However, please be aware that Maine is a very touristic part of the US. If you need to book a room, we advise you do it at the moment of registering.

Hiking will be very limited during the workshop, so everyone is welcome to attend.

End of March is also the end of Winter in Maine. You should be aware that temperatures can still be low, and there might still be some snow at given locations. Snow would make for even more unique and moody photographs, but please be aware of this and plan accordingly.

Rockland Harbor Light. ©Thibault ROLAND

Sunrise/Sunset Options

Sunrise and sunset options can also be arranged for an extra $50 fee for each session (see form below).


Portland Head Lighthouse / sunrise

Spring Point Lighthouse / sunset


 Marshall Point Lighthouse / sunrise


During the workshop, you will receive free giveaways from ours sponsoring partners to try out and use for your own photography as well as iconic prints from the instructors.


Disclaimer: We may have demo filters, lenses and cameras for the duration of the workshop, but you are expected to bring the equipment described in the section above in order to ensure ideal shooting conditions. Each attendee is requested to have his/her own individual and full coverage insurance. You agree at registration that we cannot be help responsible in case of an accident.

Bug Light.

Bug Light - A long journey. ©Thibault ROLAND


This workshop is supported by amazing people who have been working with us for a long time now. Expect some interesting surprises from our sponsors, including rebate codes, and maybe giveaways... :D

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