Oregon Workshop - September 12 - 14, 2020


Overview of the program

3-day long exposure workshop along the gorgeous OREGON COAST!!

Group Size: 4-8

Dates: September 12 - 14 2020

Learn long exposure from a Master of the technique: Sony Artisan of Imagery Thibault Roland.

Focused on shooting, includes image critique post processing sessions.


The fantastic and wild Northern Oregon Coast!!


Focused on shooting, long exposure and B&W.

Includes shooting time in the field and image editing & critique.

How long? / When?

3-day workshop

Saturday September 12 through Monday 14

Arrive on site Friday 09/11 evening, depart Monday late afternoon 09/14


About COVID-19

Due to the unforeseen COVID-19 situation the workshop leader is keeping a close eye on the situation and official health reports in order to determine if the workshop will happen at the planned dates or needs to be rescheduled in order to minimize risks of contagion.

We understand that zero risks do not exist and that participants may not feel comfortable traveling in these circumstances or would prefer to wait until closer to the workshop date to register. Everything will be done to facilitate this option within as long as we still have free spots. Registrations will be based on a first come first serve basis.

In the event that the workshop leader decides to reschedule, deposits will be entirely used for a future event.

That said during the workshop all participants are required to observe strict precautions such as and not limited to: practice social distancing, wash hands thoroughly, bring and wear their own face masks, avoid handing objects to each other, avoid carpooling etc. Participants who do not have face masks should contact the organizer who will bring a limited quantity and distribute them as needed.

By registering, participants agree that TR Fine Arts, LLC, the workshop leader and any of their affiliates shall not be held responsible in case of contamination by COVID-19 happening on the way to, from or during the workshop.


The Three Graces.

• Astoria

• Cannon Beach

• Cape Kiwanda

• Garibaldi - The Three Graces

• Proposal Rock

• Seltz Bay

• More...



Linear Equation.

Minimum Skills

• Must know how to use digital or film camera, including changing modes, shooting manual focus, aperture & shutter speed.

• Good understanding of the exposure triangle: aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity.

• Cursory understanding of concepts like depth of field, field of view, etc.

• Cursory understanding of the histogram

For those in need of a refresher, references of books and online classes will be provided after registration. Note that practical knowledge of these fundamental aspects is mandatory in order to appreciate the workshop to its fullest.

Cannon Beach Stacks. Study 1.

Required equipment

• Any interchangeable lens system such as dSLR or mirrorless. Note that the instructor shoots Sony and will do his best to help with participant’s cameras but is not an expert of every system.

• At least one wide angle lens (16-35mm range Full Frame equivalent) and a mid-range lens (24-70mm range); longer lenses are good options but not mandatory; zoom and prime lenses are OK

• A sturdy tripod

• A shutter release to shoot in bulb mode; remote or cable are OK.

• In order to learn and shoot the best long exposure images it is highly recommended to bring at least one 13-stops Neutral Density filter. It will be used in most situations but will lead to making compromises in the field. This is why it is recommended to procure two extra ND filters accounting for a total of 10 and 16-stops. Any combination (10-3-6 or 10-13-16) will work. If you are missing any of these filters, we will send you a discount code after registration for Formatt-Hitech filters, together with a list of recommended models. Some loaner filters will be available too, but there will not be enough for everyone.

• Warm clothes and solid hiking boots as the Oregon Coast in May can be chilly


Because the program is dense and in order to save some time for a maximum opportunity at each spot, we will grab lunch on the way from one location to the next for both Saturday and Sunday.

Transportation: we recommend you either come with your own car, rent one or carpool with other attendants.

Lodging is available along the coast and we arranged for the group to obtain discounts at a single location in Tillamook where we will have the image critique session. Participants are welcome to book elsewhere but please be aware that the group will arrive/depart from this location each day.

Hiking will be very limited during the workshop, so everyone is welcome to attend. Spring is usually a very nice season, but it can get cold and rainy at times so plan accordingly. Bring umbrellas and warm clothes.

Twin Rocks.


Disclaimer: We may have demo filters, lenses and cameras for the duration of the workshop, but you are expected to bring the equipment described in the section above in order to ensure ideal shooting conditions. Each attendee is requested to have his/her own individual and full coverage insurance. You agree at registration that we cannot be help responsible in case of an accident.


Workshop is supported by Formatt-Hitech and Sony.

They will provide loaner cameras, lenses and filters for the participants to use during the workshop, but personal equipment is necessary for learning in the best conditions.

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