Palouse Workshop - September 26 - 28, 2020

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The gorgeous PALOUSE (WA) area!!


Focused on shooting, long exposure and B&W.

Includes shooting time in the field and image editing & critique.

How long? / When?

3-day workshop

Saturday September 26 through Monday 28

Arrive on site Friday 09/25 evening, depart Monday afternoon 09/28

Description of the location

In the tall grass.

If you do not know about the Palouse area yet, it is located in Eastern Washington at about 4.5 and 6 hrs. drive from Seattle, WA and Portland, OR respectively, or about 1hr. drive from Spokane, WA.

Just like Tuscany (Italy), this area is made of farmlands over wonderfully rolling hills and every season brings its fill of colors, structures and graphical views. September should let us experience harvest season and we should see the contrast between the golden wheat crops yet to be harvested and the darker plots of those already cut (as with anything related to weather, please be aware that there is a chance that the harvest may be ahead or late by this time).

About COVID-19

Due to the unforeseen COVID-19 situation the workshop leader is keeping a close eye on the situation and official health reports in order to determine if the workshop will happen at the planned dates or needs to be rescheduled in order to minimize risks of contagion.

We understand that zero risks do not exist and that participants may not feel comfortable traveling in these circumstances or would prefer to wait until closer to the workshop date to register. Everything will be done to facilitate this option within as long as we still have free spots. Registrations will be based on a first come first serve basis.

In the event that the workshop leader decides to reschedule, deposits will be entirely used for a future event.

That said during the workshop all participants are required to observe strict precautions such as and not limited to: practice social distancing, wash hands thoroughly, bring and wear their own face masks, avoid handing objects to each other, avoid carpooling etc. Participants who do not have face masks should contact the organizer who will bring a limited quantity and distribute them as needed.

By registering, participants agree that TR Fine Arts, LLC, the workshop leader and any of their affiliates shall not be held responsible in case of contamination by COVID-19 happening on the way to, from or during the workshop.

What will we shoot?

• Vibrant golden and deep dark colored rolling hills

• Views from the top of Steptoe Butte at sunset

• Spooky abandoned houses

• Copses and lone trees

• Wind turbines

• Electric poles for minimalistic images

• Harvest work in the fields

• Possibly the wildlife that proliferates in the area (deer, wapitis, eagles...)

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Group size

6-8 participants.



$1095 for returning participants

$1195 for new participants

$400 non refundable deposit at the time of registration

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Additional information


• Guiding to photography spots

• Photography expertise, mentoring and sessions of editing and group critique of images taken during the trip

Not included

• Lodging

• Transportation to/from and during the workshop (carpooling between participants is encouraged!)

• Food and beverages

Minimum Skills

Fractals #2

 • Basics of using a digital or film camera, including shooting in manual focus, manual aperture and use of Bulb mode.

• Basic knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity.

• Basic knowledge of depth of field & field of view.

• For those in need of a refresher, references of books and online classes will be provided after registration (please contact organizer to discuss your needs)

• Minimum Photoshop skills

Note: a more detailed list will be provided after registration.

Required equipment

• any interchangeable lens system (including APS-C) with a preference for digital or film SLR

• at least one wide angle lens (16-35mm Full Frame equivalent; as a zoom or prime) and longer lenses in the 100-400mm range

• a sturdy tripod

• a shutter remote that allows bulb shooting "hands free"

• at least one 13 stops Neutral Density filter, but preferably a range of filters from 10 to 16 stops (3 filters total). If you are missing any of these filters, we will send you a discount code after registration for Formatt-Hitech filters, together with a list of recommended models. 

Important notes

• Please be aware that this workshop will offer some very long days. Walking will be very limited but driving may be substantial so it is recommended to be reasonably fit to be part of this event

• Many roads of the Palouse area are unpaved and only used by farmers. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to come with a 4-wheel drive vehicle as some of the locations we will go to (or attempt to go to) can be bad. These roads can be full of rocks and may turn into mud when it rains. We will make every reasonable attempt to follow the program but may need to change plans on the fly. Please keep in mind too that most roads are used by farmers and workers and so we will need to be mindful and accommodating with their hard work.

• It is highly recommended that participants to the workshop obtain liability and extra insurance for themselves, their equipment and to cover any third party that may be involved.

• Because of the weather conditions the workshop leader may need to rearrange the program to avoid running into dangerous situations

• Please keep in mind that the advancement of the harvest is independent of our workshop and cannot be controlled. The state of the fields may be anywhere between green, golden or fully harvest and show a dark brown color.

• This area being farmland for dozens of miles around, please be aware that it can be very dry and dusty. Participants and their belongings can be subject to dust and it is recommended that anyone sensitive to dust make sure they have all the necessary protection and medicine they may need.

• Documents will be sent to the participants prior to the event for them to return signed (terms and conditions of the workshop) and to help them prepare for the workshop (list of equipment needed especially for long exposure, minimum required skills etc.)

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